Permabanned streamer Indiefoxx hits out at Twitch for blocking her unban appeals

Indiefoxx sits on stairs before YouTube streaming debutInstagram/Indiefoxx

Former Twitch streamer Indiefoxx, who was banned from the platform indefinitely in 2021, has appealed to Twitch publicly as her attempts to resolve her ban have fallen on deaf ears.

After being one of the key figures of Twitch in 2021, partly responsible for the creation of an entirely new category on Twitch, Pools & Hot Tubs, Indiefoxx was banned numerous times.

Despite the creation of a new category, and it appearing as though Twitch was happy to accommodate IndieFoxx’s content at this time, she was later banned, this time indefinitely, as she had racked up a number of strikes.

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Twitch preventing Indiefoxx appeal attempts

On October 12, Indiefoxx, now going by Jenfoxx on Twitter, said that Twitch had simply given her an automated response, rather than actually reading her appeal.

“Any reason you didn’t read my ban appeal and gave me an automated response saying it was “too recent” when it’s been well over a year and 3 months now,” the banned streamer asked.

On top of this, she says the platform has “permanently blocked my way to send an appeal, it’s been greyed out for over a month.”

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A number of fans were sympathetic to Jenfoxx’s situation, criticizing Twitch’s response.

“I think the problem you’re having is that you still think they need a reason to ban you. They don’t. If they want you gone, you’re gone,” one fan responded.

Others have also suggested that she should simply move to stream on YouTube instead, rather than wait for a decision from Twitch.

Although it’s not as popular as her Twitch channel was, which had over 2 million followers, Indiefoxx does upload on her YouTube channel, with similar ASMR content to what she previously streamed to thousands of viewers on Twitch.

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There have been cases of high-profile streamers who were permanently banned and later unbanned, such as Dellor, but these cases are rare. Ice Poseidon, another streamer who is indefinitely suspended, has pleaded for his account to be unbanned, so far to no avail.

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