Indiefoxx’s Twitch ban for ASMR streams ends after just three days

Andrew Amos
indiefoxx banned twitch asmr metaInstagram: Indiefoxx

Popular hot tub streamer turned ASMR specialist ‘Indiefoxx’ was banned on Twitch just days after taking up the new “meta” on the platform. Just three days later and the ban was quickly lifted, allowing Indiefoxx to stream on Twitch once again.

Indiefoxx gained infamy on Twitch thanks to her hot tub and ASMR streams, exploding in popularity and doubling her viewer count in just a matter of months.

As a result of her channel’s exponential growth, she’s gained 130,000 followers in the last month alone and averages around 13,000 viewers on each stream.

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However, just before reaching the 1 million follower mark, she was banned from the platform along with fellow streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa, who produces similar content.

This ban lasted just three days before Twitch lifted its ruling on June 21.

The streamer did not disclose the reason behind her latest ban. However, it was believed that her account was mass reported due to the controversial nature of her ASMR streams, which typically involve her lying on a bed wearing leggings while licking the microphone.

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In her initial comment about the ban, she joked about it, saying, “They saw how hard we’ve been working and wanted to give us the weekend off.”

To keep the laughs rolling in, she tagged Amouranth in a post on Twitter and asked her if she wanted to “go to a spa” for a “tongue massage” since they “both have the weekend off.”

Amouranth hasn’t responded yet. However, hundreds of mutual fans did, expressing their support.

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Of course, some less-than-impressed Twitch users responded too, urging them to keep their content on a “different platform.”

The controversial new ASMR meta has been the talk of the town, with popular streamers such as Asmongold, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar, and Mizkif expressing their distaste towards it in different ways. Thousands of fans have been debating about it, too.

But when it’s all said and done, the opinion that matters the most is the one from Twitch. Dexerto has reached out to them for comment.

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