Indiefoxx finally returns to Twitch after two-year ban with massive stream

Indiefoxx bullied daily on TwitchInstagram/indiefoxx.ttv

After two years away from Twitch, Indiefoxx has made her long-awaited return to streaming after the Amazon-owned platform finally lifted her lengthy ban. 

Back in 2021, Indiefoxx was flying high as one of Twitch’s fastest-growing streamers thanks to the hot tub and ear-licking ASMR meta that had taken over the platform. In fact

Despite amassing over 2 million followers in that boom period, she was also repeatedly suspended by Twitch. Indiefoxx picked up at least six lengthy bans before Twitch finally pulled the plug on her channel and banned her indefinitely. Like most lengthy bans, the reason was up in the air for a while until Indiefoxx decided to reveal that it had happened following an on-stream wardrobe malfunction

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While she streamed on YouTube a couple of times in that period, fans remained hopeful that she would return to Twitch at some point down the line. 

Indiefoxx returns to Twitch after two-year-long ban is lifted

Well, they finally got their wish at the start of April 2023, as Indiefoxx finally had her lengthy suspension lifted by Twitch, allowing her to return to the platform. 

It took around two weeks for her to get back to streaming, though, as she finally went live on Twitch for the first time in two years on April 16. 

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It was a slight change from her usual content, but, it was ultimately a successful return. “Guess who hit 17k on a NON hot tub stream. Wtf?! thanks, everyone for coming out and supporting,” the streamer said after finishing up.

Given how big of a success her return was, she’ll likely dive into a full-time schedule before long, but it remains to be seen if she’ll keep up the viewing figures.

Even though they’ve unbanned her, Twitch may keep a watchful eye on Indiefoxx’s content, given the nature of her previous suspensions.

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