Controversial streamer Indiefoxx finally unbanned on Twitch: “I won’t mess this up”

Twitch streamer Indiefoxx with Twitch LogoTwitter: Jenfoxxxy/ Twitch

ASMR and hot tub streamer Indiefoxx has finally been unbanned on Twitch, with the content creator now able to return to the platform after a nearly two-year-long removal from the site.

Streamer Indiefoxx was easily one of the biggest rising stars to hit the variety category on Twitch in recent years. Through their ASMR and hot tub streams, the content creator was able to rake in mass viewership and followers.

Like other hot tub and ASMR streamers, however, she did not go without her fair share of controversy, resulting in over 6 bans before they were given an indefinite one. Indiefoxx would eventually go on to reveal why she was perma-banned from the streaming site, blaming a wardrobe malfunction as the culprit.

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After the ban, Indiefoxx would continue to create content on her OnlyFans, whilst accusing Twitch of blocking her unban requests. Now almost two years on from her removal and Twitch has finally upended its decision, allowing Indiefoxx to stream once again.

Hot tub and ASMR streamer Indiefoxx unbanned from Twitch

It appears that luck has turned around for Indiefoxx however, as Twitch unbanned the controversial streamer on April 4. Indiefoxx, who now goes under the username JenFoxx, was able to thank Twitch for the unban, promising that they won’t “mess this up”.

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Many have congratulated the streamer for being unbanned, showing support as they return to the platform. Others have celebrated the return of her stream, for reasons personal to them.

However, others have wondered if the unban was a ploy to bring Twitch back into the limelight after the recent Kick signings. With esports caster and host Eevisu claiming that Twitch is “pulling out all the stops to battle Kick, the war is just starting.”

The news has also made other Twitch viewers speculate if other popular streamers may see a return to the platform, with notable figures such as Ice Poseidon, JiDion, and Dr Disrespect being among the biggest ones mentioned.

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Indiefoxx has yet to state what sort of content they have planned for their return to the streaming world, but their unban may be the sign of a turning point for Twitch in the battle for streaming platform supremacy.

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