Mizkif in disbelief after watching Indiefoxx’s new Twitch ASMR ‘meta’

Calum Patterson
Indiefoxx and Mizkif

The ever-evolving meta of what’s popular on Twitch keeps streamers and viewers alike on their toes. The latest is a boom in the ASMR category, but with a twist, and Mizkif, one of the platform’s biggest streamers, couldn’t believe his eyes.

For much of 2021 so far, the most notable streaming ‘meta’ was hot tub streams. Broadcasters could cleverly use Twitch’s contextual exemptions for wearing swimsuits, simply by streaming in a hot tub in their bedroom.

It took some time for the platform to respond, but they did so by creating a whole new category for ‘Pools, beaches & hot tubs’, and made clear that ‘being found to be sexy’ was not against their rules.

But, since the move to a new category, the ‘hot tub meta’ has dipped in popularity, while a particular style of ASMR stream has boomed.

Indiefoxx in hot tub
The hot tub meta has finally resulted in a new category.

Mizkif shocked by Indiefoxx stream

Mizkif, who boasts over 1.4 million followers, was discussing the ‘competition’, as he sees it, between female streamers on the platform, specifically mentioning Indiefoxx, Amouranth, and their history.

“Their competition is great, I think it’s the funniest thing ever,” he said, “Indiefoxx clearly has hatred for Amouranth.”

But, he was cut short after opening Indiefoxx’s stream. She now streams most often in the ASMR section, and what she calls “ear licking yoga pose with face cam.”

He was so surprised at the content, he lept out of his chair, hands-on-head.

Then, returning to her channel the following day, Mizkif was again dismayed to see that Indiefoxx had set up a ‘fart goal’ for subscribers.

“So if 700 people subscribe, she farts. If 370 people subscribe, she gave you eye contact while she licked the ear.”

Indiefoxx has faced numerous bans from Twitch in the past for sexual content, although her channel has remained suspension-free since April.

With this new trend booming, the ASMR category officially overtook the hot tub category in June, and shows no signs of slowing down.

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