Summit1g accuses Twitch hot tub streamers of abusing the ASMR category: “What a joke”

Brent Koepp
Twitch star Summit1g next to streamer malinkaa98

Streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar hit out at the viral ‘hot tub’ Twitch meta, claiming that it was now being used to exploit the ASMR category by some streamers. The 34-year-old called the situation “weird” and a “joke.”

The latest content to explode on Twitch is yoga pants ASMR. The bizarre broadcasts that feature streamers licking ear-shaped microphones have taken over the popular auditory sensory section.

Summit1g, however, argues that the trend is just the viral hot tub meta from June jumping to a new category. According to the star, the same streamers are exploiting ASMR after being kicked out of the Just Chatting category.

Summit1g during Twitch stream
The popular streamer tried to demonstrate the new ASMR meta to his Twitch viewers.

Summit1g calls the new ASMR meta a “joke”

Back in May, hot tub streams had seemingly taken over Twitch. Their rapid rise in popularity sparked a debate between creators and viewers over whether the broadcasts violated the site’s TOS. Looking to end the drama, the streaming platform created a ‘Pools and Beaches’ category to section off the content.

According to Summit1g, the content creators making hot tub streams have decided to move on to ASMR. In a tweet posted by Lazar, the personality argued that streamers were jumping to the popular section because their views had tanked after Twitch had moved them off the front page.

“Looks like the hot tub meta got too low on numbers without the just chatting section carrying it. Time to move to ASMR! Lol what a joke man,” he tweeted on June 18.

After going live, the popular streamer went into more details about his stance on the situation. “It’s not like I’m annoyed at all. I’m not mad at all. I’m just looking at it from a “what the f**k is happening” perspective. I knew as soon as you kicked them out of the Just Chatting section and went to beaches, the beaches weren’t gonna last any longer. And I just find it incredibly baffling that they find a new and more popular category to chill in for a while until there is a new controversy,” he said.

Summit also questioned how Twitch couldn’t see this as sexually suggestive content. “I don’t understand how it couldn’t be sexually suggestive when one of the goals is to make eye contact while you are licking into this microphone. And there are constant position changes that are never normal. Why would I be playing games this way while you are looking at me from over there?” he said while pointing to a camera position behind him.

“And then it’s like, the ASMR stuff is happening, they aren’t just sitting. They aren’t just laying down,” he exclaimed, before pulling his leg over his head and showing his chat the various positions he’s seen ASMR streamers in. “I don’t know what the f**k is going on!”

Summit1g later reiterated that this was all about hot tub streamers trying to get back on the front page by flooding the ASMR section. The star argued that channels kicked off the Just Chatting category hit them hard financially. “I knew as soon as it got knocked out of Just Chatting, that meta’s not going to last much longer. They got kicked to a new category which is a lot less money for them,” he said.

The streamer isn’t the only streamer to voice his criticisms. Mizkif and Asmongold have both questioned Twitch as well over the new ASMR meta. Like Lazar, they both stated that the situation was “inevitable.”

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