Asmongold blames Twitch for new ASMR meta after not banning hot tub streams

Connor Bennett
Asmongold and Indiefoxx streaming on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold believes Twitch boxed themselves into a corner to allow the new ASMR and legging streams as they didn’t ban the hot tub meta.

Twitch might be home to some of the biggest, and best, gamers in the world, but the Just Chatting section has always been a sore sticking point for some streamers and viewers.

In recent months, the section has been dominated by the controversial hot tub meta, as streamers sat in their beachwear for hours on end.

Plenty of streamers complained to Twitch about the streams, and suggested that Twitch’s lack of action against them would have dire consequences in the future. Well, that’s kind of happened with the new ASMR and leggings meta.

Amouranth gamifies her Twitch ASMR streams with subs

The bizarre meta has seen streamers lay in front of their cameras, licking ASMR microphones, and even cluck around in Pigeon masks.

While some viewers can’t get enough of it, Asmongold says Twitch is at fault for not acting sooner, and that they pushed themselves into a corner by ignoring the complaints.

“Twitch wrote themselves into a corner by playing into the intellectually dishonest rhetoric that they won’t punish “perceived attractiveness” of streamers who make obviously sexual content,” he tweeted. “If they do something, they side with incels, if they don’t, they’re SJWs. Ideology>Reality.”

Some responses quickly suggested that Twitch should just outright ban the content, or move it to a heavily moderated section.

Others, though, said that if Twitch makes a change, the streamers will just find another way to make similar content.

It remains to be seen if Twitch will do anything against their streams, like they did with demonizing Amouranth’s hot tub streams.

For now, though, it remains the new meta on Twitch.

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