Ice Poseidon shocked after accidentally walking into stranger’s house

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Kick streamer Ice Poseidon was in the middle of broadcasting his travels abroad when he accidentally walked into a random woman’s house, giving them both quite a shock.

IRL streaming is a hugely popular category of live broadcast, where streamers share their activities and travels with viewers in real-time.

One of the more prominent types of IRL streams are traveling broadcasts. Several high-profile streamers are known for showcasing their travels abroad, although many influencers will live stream their vacations from time to time as a break from their usual content.

Ice Poseidon is one of these streamers. The creator is currently in the middle of a trip in Nepal with some of his buddies — but one of his most recent excursions in the country didn’t go as planned.

Ice Poseidon accidentally walks into woman’s backyard during IRL stream

Ice was trying to link up with a friend while walking down a street when he turned into an open corridor, which, to the untrained eye, could have looked like an alleyway.

However, the streamer then stepped into what looked like someone’s backyard — a theory that was proven true after a woman stepped out of a room behind him.

“I think I’m in… oh, is this somebody’s house?” Ice questioned during a phone call with a friend before turning around to find the woman looking at him. “Oh, hi, am I in your house?”

She nodded, confirming his suspicions. Ice went on to walk through her backyard in an attempt to find his friends — but they ended up finding him first, walking through the woman’s house into her backyard to join up with him.

Luckily, everything turned out alright in the end, although the experience certainly made for an interesting afternoon for all involved.

This is just the latest IRL streaming kerfuffle to go viral after a man helped out a drunk passenger crawling off a train in Japan.

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