Twitch streamer intervenes as suspicious man uncomfortably pursues woman in Tokyo

Liam Ho
Streamer SAMMIT saves woman from man in Japan.

A Twitch streamer has been shown intervening as a seemingly suspicious man attempted to strike up a conversation with a woman in the streets of Tokyo.

Tokyo is certainly one of the most interesting cities in the world. With a vibrant culture, good food, and plenty of shopping opportunities, it’s no surprise that plenty of tourists travel there each year to soak it all in. Alongside the tourists, there are plenty of Twitch streamers who have moved there and now call the country their home.

One such streamer is SAMMIT, who moved to Japan from Australia. Now a Japan local, SAMMIT is aware of the cultural differences between the two countries and is also aware of the darker side of the town.

During one of SAMMIT’s streams, they notice that a rather creepy interaction is taking place between a man and a woman. Fortunately, SAMMIT’s quick thinking allowed him to intervene before the man could go any further.

SAMMIT was walking around Tokyo whilst in the middle of an IRL stream, showing his chat the sights of the city. However, one sight that SAMMIT found during his exploration was a rather suspicious interaction a man was having with a woman.

The streamer spotted the man approaching the bystander before striking up a conversation. The woman, clearly disinterested and seemingly uncomfortable, continued to walk away from the man, but he followed in kind. Chatting her ear off without any reciprocation.

SAMMIT was not happy watching the interaction, telling his chat to “Look at this guy”.

Before long, the streamer decided to take things into his own hands and intervened before the man could go any further. He approached them and tapped the man on the back and shoulder, pretending to know them. Once he grabbed the man’s attention, the woman was able to walk away safely.

The man responded by denying that he knew the streamer, the interaction bought enough time for SAMMIT to pull the man away from the woman. Perhaps all too familiar with the often unfortunate dealings of the city, the streamer stepped in before anything serious occurred.

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