Ice Poseidon punches attacker who sprayed him with “acid”

Josh Taylor
Ice Poseidon Attacker

Ice Poseidon was seen hitting a viewer who sprayed him with “acid” during his IRL stream, and police were called soon after.

Kick streamer Ice Poseidon has been involved in a series of strange events over the past few months while IRL streaming.

His own controversial actions on stream have led to a series of arrests and backlash from the community towards him and his platform Kick for allowing the streams to happen.

At the start of October, he ended up calling the police to deal with a viewer who emptied a cup of sewage water over him during an IRL stream.

Just a few days later, a remarkably similar incident happened, but this time someone sprayed his face with an unknown substance.

Ice Poseidon gets sprayed in his face during IRL stream

During the IRL stream, he is seen sitting down in a public place with a group of his friends who often have appeared in his broadcasts.

A stranger then approaches from behind wearing a hood and mask to hide his face. They begin to spray the streamer with something before quickly running off into the distance.

“What the f**k is that? Yo, get him! He sprayed my eyes with f**king acid or something! What? What the f**k did you just do?” Ice Poseidon is heard yelling as they all run after them.

They managed to catch up with the suspected stream sniper and apprehend them, where he could be seen being held firmly on the ground as they proceeded to ask him questions and call the police.

The man was detained and escorted away by law enforcement officers in Victoria, Melbourne.

Many believe that his controversial actions are why the creator has kept being targeted by these pre-planned attacks, while others have suspected that the events were even set up for his own benefit.

At the time of writing, there have been no further updates in regard to the situation.

In June he was arrested by police in Thailand, Bangkok, for giving lap dances in their hotel lounge.

Just a few months later, he received severe backlash leading Kick to even address the issues, after he allegedly paid a man to hire an escort and broadcast it live.

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