IRL Twitch streamer saves drunk man crawling out of train

twitch streamer helps drunk man off trainTwitch: Tazo

A Twitch streamer making his way through the Japanese train system took some time to help man who appeared to be drunk get off the train with all his possessions.

Streamer Tazo, who is known for his IRL streams in Tokyo, Japan, was streaming on public transport when a man tried to crawl out of the train and onto the platform.

We’ve all been in situations where we’ve had a few too many, but this man appeared to be incapable of walking properly, and had to resort to crawling on all fours.

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Twitch streamer helps drunk man escape train with phone

Luckily for the man, Twitch streamer Tazo was paying attention, and he quickly grabbed the man’s posessions: a Starbucks bag and his mobile phone.

Tazo then warned the man to wait, before carefully putting his bag and phone down next to him on the station platform, where the man had collapsed.

Tazo then said: “At least he’s got his phone. He’ll be fine now.

Viewers were surprised that Tazo was the only person who stepped in to help, with one watcher saying: “Everyone was acting like it was normal for a man to crawl out of the subway train like that.”

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Another person said: He got home, so that’s probably right. The drunker ones miss the train and end up sleeping on a bench until it’s time to work again.”

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