Ice Poseidon calls police on viewer after they pour sewage on him

Theo Burman

Ice Poseidon ended up calling the police to deal with a viewer who emptied a cup of sewage water over him during an IRL stream.

The top Kick streamer was streaming on a pier when someone walked up behind him with a cup and emptied it over him.

The attacker then ran away, with several of Ice’s friends giving chase, while the streamer himself tried to figure out what had been poured over him, with him remarking that “it smells like sh*t.”

The attack was likely pre-planned, as the viewer knew exactly where Ice was and had prepared the sewage to empty over him.

Ice Poseidon ambushed by viewer who threw sewage at him

When Ice and the cameraman caught up with the rest of the crowd, they had the assailant pinned to the ground. Bizarrely, he was being held in a chokehold by Sam Pepper, who was wearing a maid outfit.

The group interrogated the attacker while calling the police, and repeatedly asked what the substance that he had poured on Ice was. The was originally no answer, but they quickly clocked that it had to be sewage or human waste judging from the smell.

Police arrived later in the day to take the attacker into custody. Luckily, the whole event was filmed on camera, and Ice was able to show authorities what had happened. The attacker was put in the back of a police van and was taken away.

The police recommended that Ice take some blood tests to ensure nothing was transmitted in the substance.

It isn’t the first time some wierd things have gone down on Ice’s stream. Earlier this year, he was almost put in a Thailand jail for giving a lap dance.

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