ExtraEmily has police called on her for kayaking in skate park

extraemily goes kayakingTwitch: ExtraEmily

OTK streamer ExtraEmily was attempting to kayak in the middle of a skate park when a displeased passer-by called the cops on her.

ExtraEmily has always had some rather unorthodox methods when it comes to content creation. The OTK streamer has completed challenges like spanking a stranger on stream, and, more recently struggled through an entire 14-hour subathon taped to a wall. It’s suffice to say that viewers never quite know what they’re tuning into when they hop onto her Twitch channel.

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As a prime example, during her latest broadcast on May 14, fans were treated to a stream that showcased Emily kayaking in the middle of a skateboard park. In a Jackass-esque fashion, Emily kayaked around and about the skate park, with it going as well as you’d expect.

Unfortunately, Emily’s shenanigans were not well received by all, as some individuals standing by seemingly called the local authorities on her. This led to the streamer speaking with the police officer off-camera, explaining what she was doing, and documenting it all on stream.

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After some brief introductions, the officer explained that they had received a complaint about Emily’s kayaking schemes.

“First of all, somebody complained about it. They said that you were kayaking here. I asked those guys over there and they said you’ve been respectful, not getting in their way or anything like that.”

Emily politely listened to what the officer was saying, who allowed her to continue on with her hijinks.

“If there’s a call I have to come, there’s no specific rule that says you can’t do it, so you don’t have to leave. But I do have to come and at least check what’s going on, so that’s what I’m doing. But you seem kind of conscious, so I don’t think there’s an issue, you don’t have to leave. If anyone calls, we have to come out every time.”

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Before leaving, however, the officer was incredibly curious as to why Emily had decided to kayak in a skateboard park.

“I’m just curious, is it… why kayaking on a skateboard?”

“It’s kind of like a Jackass thing.” the streamer responded.

From there, Emily went on to continue kayaking and even ended up giving it away to one of the skateboarders.

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