Kick under fire after “creepy” Ice Poseidon stream leads to swatting

Kick / Ice Poseidon

Kick is facing backlash after streamer Ice Poseidon allegedly paid a man to hire an escort and broadcasting it live.

Ice Poseidon has been involved in a series of controversial events over the past few months, while IRL streaming on Kick.

His actions have led to multiple arrests, in June he was arrested by police in Thailand, Bangkok, for giving lap dances in their hotel lounge.

Even though he said he could’ve faced a possibility of 5 years in prison, he announced on August 18, that he and his friends were free to go, with the charges being dropped.

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Not even two months after the previous incident, he was involved in trying to stream a female escort.

Ice Poseidon claims he was swatted during Kick live-stream

On September 21, a disturbing incident was carried out that involved the American reportedly paying a middle-aged man $500 to set up an encounter with a female escort.

Part of the deal was that they had to install hidden cameras around their home so that they could film the events.

It was originally thought that Ice Poseidon was arrested as a result of the events that transpired on stream, but he claims they were swatted and that the police “wrote [it] off as LEGAL and safe.”

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Streamers slam Kick for bizarre escort stream 

Many have been left outraged by the events and have slammed the streaming platform for its “morals.”

Popular Kick streamer MsSavage took to Twitter/X to highlight her views, as others commented.

“I do not stand by this kind of content and watching this made me feel so uncomfortable. Point blank: Kick dropped the ball on this one and action needs to be taken immediately,” MsSavage said.

“It a shame the platform gets overshadowed with sh*t like this,” one responded.

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“think one of the main problems people are having with this (besides the content itself) is that one of the co-founders is in chat laughing at it,” another added.

“I keep thinking Kick will start to moderate the live content and care about actual laws being broken once they are happy with the level of eyes on their platform. I’m also realizing I’m delusional,” a user said.

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