Adin Ross plans IRL streaming adventure with “legend” Ice Poseidon

Shay Robson

Adin Ross has praised veteran streamer Ice Poseidon as a “legend” in the streaming world and wants to do an IRL stream with him.

Paul Denino, better known as ‘Ice Poseidon,’ was once one of the biggest streamers in the world. Notably, he was one of the first-ever IRL broadcasters on Twitch.

Having no boundaries when it came to making content and capturing some outright bizarre moments, Ice Poseidon exploded in popularity.

Nonetheless, it all came to an end after he famously received an indefinite ban from Twitch when he was removed from an airplane by authorities after being falsely accused of carrying a bomb.

However, despite past controversies, Adin Ross wants to meet up with the former Twitch star for an IRL stream and go on a journey.

Adin Ross wants to do IRL stream with Ice Poseidon

During Adin’s March 17 broadcast, the popular streamer talked with Ice Poseidon on Discord, where the two discussed Denino’s upcoming trip to India. Also planning to do a subathon there, Ice invited Adin to join him in India and go on a journey.

Towards the end of their call, Adin called Ice Poseidon a legend and a goat before adding he definitely wants to meet up for an IRL stream at some point in the future.

“Look, listen. I’m not 100% committing to India, but I will tell you this. Me and you will 100% do one IRL journey together. We can both f**king stream it. It’s gonna go crazy,” he said.

“I promise you, bro, it’s gonna go stupid. I will do it with you. You’re a legend, and I don’t care what anyone says about you. You’re the goat of this sh*t, so I need to do something with you.”

While it’s unclear when the streaming stars will meet up for an IRL broadcast, fans are definitely excited to see the two get together.