Kick streamer bloodied after people attack him on stream in Thailand

Michael Gwilliam
Kick streamer girit assaulted and bloodied during irl stream

A Kick streamer was left with a bloody face after he was randomly attacked by multiple people during a live broadcast in Thailand.

IRL streams are some of the most popular across Twitch, Kick and YouTube with streamers documenting their adventures to exotic new locations and bringing their viewers with them for the ride.

Shenanigans are a lot more common in IRL broadcasts due to the unpredictability of those around streamers, with content creators such as Jinny being robbed live during these broadcasts.

The most recent instance of a real-life stream turning sour comes in the form of a Thailand trip where Kick streamer ‘Girit’ was walking around a beach in Bangkok and ended up being assaulted.

man upset with streamer filming
Girit got into a fight with locals after filming them.

Kick streamer assaulted after filming on Bangkok beach

During the broadcast, Girit got into a heated argument with a local who seemed upset that he may have been filmed – something many streamers have experienced during IRL broadcasts.

Things escalated from there with Girit yelling “f**k you” at the man before walking away, but this may have just provoked the man further.

After turning the camera onto himself and continuing to wander the beach, the streamer was called over by the man yet again. This time, it was clear that the situation had reached a boiling point with Girit getting into the man’s personal space in a head-to-head confrontation.

Moments later, the streamer was smacked in the head by someone else, distracting him and letting the original attacker land cheap shot, leaving Girit with a bloody face.

Luckily, the streamer was talked out of retaliating so things didn’t explode into an all-out brawl on the beach. Still, the damage had been done and could have been a lot worse and he got off without any major injuries.

Girit is hardly the first Kick streamer to be having a tough time in Thailand. Earlier this month, Ice Poseidon was arrested after giving his girlfriend a lap dance on stream and was facing five years in jail.

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