Howard Stern baffled by Amouranth’s sleeping Twitch stream

YouTube: The Howard Stern Show / Twitter: Amouranth

Radio host and comedian Howard Stern tuned into a broadcast from Twitch star Amouranth — and was left stunned after seeing that she was just sleeping.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is the second most-followed woman on Twitch.

Boasting over 5 million followers on the platform, she’s also accrued a good chunk of change elsewhere — including OnlyFans, where she used to rake in $1 million a month before retiring from the site.

Adding in her major investments in Visa, Activision-Blizzard, and other companies, Amouranth is slowly but surely building a vast business empire… but we can’t forget that it’s all built up by her daily streaming grind over on Twitch.

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howard stern reacts to amouranthInstagram: Amouranth
Amouranth is the second most-followed woman on Twitch.

Amouranth’s Twitch broadcasts have included a variety of activities, including ‘sleep streams.’ In these streams, Amouranth literally sleeps for thousands of live viewers — but it’s not a concept unique to her, alone.

Plenty of streamers have broadcasted themselves catching z’s live, especially during long-haul projects like subathons. But Amouranth’s sleep stream caught the attention of radio show host Howard Stern and co. in a recent episode.

After stumbling through an introduction of Twitch (including familiarizing himself with terms like ‘pog’ and the site’s donations system), Stern became acquainted with ‘hot tub streams,’ which led him to discover Amouranth’s channel.

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Amouranth sells fartsTwitter/Amouranth
On top of her booming Twitch empire, Amouranth also sells her own jarred farts.

“See, I wouldn’t watch this — one of the top Twitch streams currently is a live feed of just a hot woman sleeping,” he said after perusing the site. “You watch that? Is that good? What do they do?”

“Do you think they’re really sleeping, or are they just pretending they’re asleep?” he queried. “You gotta be really hot to get dudes to pay to watch you sleep. …listen to this. Forty-four thousand people watching this woman sleep.”

(Topic begins at 18:45)

While Stern seemed a bit confused by the whole thing, it was certainly amusing to see the radio legend share his first impression of Twitch.

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Amouranth has yet to comment on Stern’s review – but we’ll be sure to update this article if she does.