IShowSpeed hits back at Clix and claims he’s “scared” to fight him

Shay Robson

IShowSpeed has slammed fellow streamer Clix, claiming he’s scared to fight him after an April Fools’ Day boxing match prank.

The Fortnite star trolled his fans on April 1, claiming he’d be stepping into the ring and touching gloves in a six-round exhibition boxing match with IShowSpeed later this year.

Speed, however, wasn’t entertained by the April Fools’ joke and hit back lashing out at Clix. “Get ratioed dude you were already scared to fight me stop farming likes for April fools everybody knows you’re scared to fight me,” he wrote.

In response, Clix poked a bit of fun at the Cristiano Ronaldo megafan, posting a photo of Speed backed up against the ropes in his charity sparring match with KSI in late 2023.

Influencer boxing has taken the world by storm over the last couple of years. In January of 2023, KSI’s Misfits signed a five-year deal with sports streaming platform DAZN — where we’ve since seen a ton of influencer boxing cards.

With that said, it certainly wouldn’t be out of the question to see either Speed or Clix put on their gloves — both of whom have millions of loyal followers.

Already, fans have their money on Speed to win if they were to fight. But, we’ll just have to wait and see what comes of their online beef.

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