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How to get Myth’s first-ever Skully Squad merch collection

Published: 15/Oct/2021 20:46

by Connor Knudsen


TSM FTX streamer, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani, has just released a brand-new Skully Squad merch collection. Here’s how to get yours before it’s gone.

Myth is an icon in the streaming and gaming community, with millions of followers on his Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram accounts.

A variety streamer primarily focusing on FPS titles, Myth has been a foundational piece and a hub for many fans of games like Valorant and Apex Legends.

But now his fans, dubbed the ‘Skully Squad,’ can finally rep their favorite streamer with some fresh new merch.

myth merch
Here’s a look at the designs from the collection.

Myth merch collection: How to get

Myth’s new merch drop can be found by heading to the store’s website, and will be available for purchase until October 31.


There, interested buyers will find two unique Skully Squad designs that can either be purchased on a t-shirt ($25.99) or a hoodie ($49.99).

While this is a limited drop, to begin with, Myth’s plans for merchandise are far from over with this set. He’s got plans for more coming in the future.

“Really excited about putting these first two designs out… that’s right, not the last!” said Myth.

No details are yet available about when Myth plans to release another drop. But, since this run will go until Halloween, there is a chance the next one could be a spooky set of digs.


Myth also isn’t the only one in the streaming and gaming world dropping merch at the moment, as Team Liquid recently dropped a brand-new Spider-Man 1989 collection of their own.

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