Hasan sympathizes with Amouranth struggles as a big streamer: “It’s a sad way to live”

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Twitch star Hasan offered compassion towards fellow streamer Amouranth, after she detailed the difficulties of being a mega-popular internet celebrity.

Amouranth has risen to fame as one of the most popular and successful content creators on the entire internet, in 2021 becoming the most-watched female streamer on Twitch.

She’s revealed the absurd amount of money she makes monthly through streaming and other content, which nets her millions every month.

But, with all eyes on her, she highlighted the danger that can come with that amount of attention from all corners of the web.

Amouranth has over 4.9 million Twitch followers.

Hasan shows empathy for Amouranth’s struggles

Amouranth was part of a documentary by VICE where she revealed a lot, including what her conservative parents think about her chosen line of work.

She also explained the harsh reality of her feverish fandom whose behavior can turn dangerous: “A lot of crazy people trying to dox you and find you.”

Hasan reacted to the documentary on his own channel, and offered a unique understanding of her problems.

“I think this is a sad way to live. And I say this as someone who lives in nearly the identical way.”

“You do feel very alone at times,” he continued. “Even if you have friends and family and loved ones that support you. It’s difficult to describe the s**t you go through to most normies.”

Hasan was surprised to see Amouranth mention the potential for a crazed fan to actually show up to her home, which can encourage the behavior. “I’m surprised she even mentioned it, it’s usually a big no-no for streamers.”

On a lighter note, Hasan was excited to see later in the video that Amouranth gave a shoutout to his home country of Turkey, where she’s apparently a huge star.

Hasan is one of the few people who actually can share an understanding of how Amouranth feels in living under the microscope of the internet, with the ability to empathize with the struggles of being one of the biggest streamers.

He also highlights that streaming is unique because viewers feel they have a closer relationship with the star than other forms of content, often described as a “parasocial relationship.”

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