Amouranth breaks down in tears after Kick viewers post about killing her horses

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Amouranth broke down in tears after Ac7ionMan’s viewers spammed TTS with remarks about killing her horses in a Kick stream that went south.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is a prominent broadcaster on Kick and Twitch, where she streams to an audience of over six million combined followers.

On top of her profitable streaming empire, Amouranth is also passionate about animals, hoping to one day earn enough money to open her own animal sanctuary.

Horses are known as one of Amouranth’s favorite animals, owning two named Spirit and Kyran, both of which she’s featured on stream.

amouranth poses for camera wearing black

However, her love of animals seemed to be a sticking point for critics who spammed another broadcaster’s text-to-speech notifications with shocking messages about her horses.

Amouranth sobs after Kick chat spams messages about killing her horses

Amouranth was on her way back home from a rodeo with fellow Kick streamer Ac7ionMan when viewers began repeatedly spamming comments telling him to “bring her horses to the slaughterhouse.”

“Guys, stop, we’re not talking about slaughterhouses,” Ac7ionMan pleaded — but the messages kept coming, causing Amouranth to break out into tears.

“Sorry, I just had some really bad trauma just now,” she explained. “It was a really triggering comment from a past experience.”

Ac7ionMan turned off his text-to-speech notifications to prevent further harm, creating a moment of silence as the two streamers rode home in the car together.

Later, when the two got home, viewers could hear Amouranth sobbing in the background while Ac7ionMan appeared visibly uncomfortable.

The next day, Amouranth shared her side of the story, saying that she was put off by Ac7ionMan’s behavior and some remarks he’d made during their joint stream.

“I don’t think he’s a bad dude. I think he’s a good dude. I was just trying to teach him, like, ‘Hey… these instances of trolling we have are great. They’re very funny. But there’s stuff that you shouldn’t say when you’re in public, given the context of the environment.”

“I didn’t feel like I was hyper-critical. I felt like he was getting super defensive, and what I was saying was perfectly normal. I didn’t feel like I was asking for much.”

Based on a conversation they had in the car during their broadcast, Amouranth appeared to take issue with a joke Ac7ionMan made about seeing a bull “in hell” and constantly talking with chat during the stream.

“It’s just embarrassing, because the people around us have no f*cking clue what the f*ck you’re talking about. You seem insane talking to chat so much. …you were focused on chat like 99% of the day.”

Despite their tiff at the rodeo, Ac7ionMan claims they’re both on good terms now after the argument in a positive ending to the situation.

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