Ludwig tells “weirdo” Twitch viewers to stop obsessing over streamer relationships

Ludwig on Twitch with MizkifTwitch: Ludwig / Twitter: Mizkif

For fans of Twitch streamers Mizkif and Maya, it’s been an eventful week as the long-term couple announced their split on social media, but fellow streamer Ludwig has advised fans to focus on their “real life” instead of those of their favorite content creators.

Ludwig Ahgren is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, now boasting over 3 million followers, but he has always had a consistent message to those millions of fans: “I am not your friend.”

Although other streamers don’t say it so plainly, it’s certainly a problem others have faced, where viewers become so engrossed in a streamer’s everyday life that they believe their relationship to be more than the one-sided affair that it is.

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This is always especially apparent when a situation like a break-up occurs, and viewers take a special interest in the circumstances and drama. But Ludwig advised viewers to “get out of the parasocial sauce.”

“We are not your friend” – Ludwig

During his September 16 stream, a viewer asked “Thoughts on Maya and Miz?” – referring to the couple’s recent public split.

“We are not your friend,” Ludwig responded. “Get out of the parasocial sauce. Focus on your in-real-life relationships, you weirdo.”

It’s definitely not the first time that Ludwig has echoed a similar sentiment either – making a full “I am not your friend” video for his YouTube channel to address the pitfalls of the parasocial relationship viewers of a particular can find themselves in.

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However, Ludwig’s opinion regarding the Miz and Maya situation wasn’t totally agreed upon. Some fans have argued that since their relationship was a big part of their content, it is reasonable for fans to be engaged with the relationship.

Over on Reddit, where the discussion has spilled over, one user explained: “That doesn’t work when you make your relationship your content. People are going to feel involved.”

For now, Mizkif has said he is taking a break from streaming – in turn also giving a break to his most invested fans.