Sykkuno reveals his YouTube escape plan if Twitch ever bans him

sykkuno on twitchTwitch: Sykkuno

Sykkuno might be one of Twitch’s golden children for now, but a lot can change quickly in the world of streaming – and so he is prepared with a YouTube escape plan if he ever gets banned.

Twitch’s ban policy often comes under scrutiny, with some streamers claiming they are banned without knowing the reason, sometimes for long periods of time, or even indefinitely.

For those streamers who make their livings on Twitch, like Sykkuno, that can be a shadow hanging over them – never sure if one slip up while broadcasting could cost them their way of living.

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That’s why Sykkuno has already got his plan b set, in case the ban hammer ever does come swinging down on his channel, and explained how he will use his connections and friendships on rival platform YouTube, if he needs to.

100 Thieves streamer Valkyrae next to YouTube Gaming logoValkyrae / YouTube
Valkyrae was one of the first big streamers to jump to YouTube.

Sykkuno’s YouTube escape plan

The biggest streamers are usually committed to their platform of choice through an exclusivity contract, meaning their livestreams must only be available on that platform. These contracts are now how the three main platforms; Twitch; YouTube; Facebook, compete with each other, securing the signatures of the big names.

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In 2021, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and Ludwig have all moved to YouTube, signing “life-changing” deals. Sykkuno, now one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, has no plans of moving right now – but he’s always got it as an option.

With concerns over possible DMCA bans for streaming shows and movies, Sykkuno joked that he would “go talk to my good friends Valkyrae and Ludwig” – both YouTube streamers – if he was banned.

“If that happens guys, I’m going to talk to my friend Valkyrae…” he joked, concerned not only about his own channel being banned, but action being taken against Twitch itself.

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DMCA strikes are copyright infringement notices that a copyright holder submits, and the platform, in this case, Twitch, must comply with the takedown request.

This was mostly a problem for music being played on streams, but now the attention has shifted to TV shows and movies.

The good news for Sykkuno is that he already has a massive following on YouTube, with 2.6 million subs – although this is still a lot less than his 3.9 million on Twitch. Valkyrae grew massively after her move to YouTube though, so if Sykkuno ever did make the switch, it likely wouldn’t hurt his popularity at all.

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