Hasan hits back at “angry” Twitch viewers after using ableist word on GTA RP stream

Calum Patterson
Hasan on Twitch
Twitch: HasanAbi

Hasan Piker, one of Twitch’s biggest streamers, came under fire on March 23 after using the word ‘retarded’ while playing GTA RP, but has hit out at those attacking him for just wanting a reaction.

Hasan has been one of the big streamers focused almost entirely on GTA RP in past months, since the NoPixel 3.0 server launched.

Since then, it’s been a constant source of entertainment, but also drama on the platform. Of course, much of the drama has revolved around these big-name streamers in the server, most prominently xQc.

Hasan, alongside others including Summit1G, Esfand and Sykkuno, has been playing RP frequently. But, unlike other online multiplayer games, the RP element makes this a wholly unique experience.

GTA RP server
Rockstar Games
GTA RP brings in massive viewership on Twitch.

Hasan hits back

On his March 23 stream, Hasan was being arrested by police after a chase, and a message in chat caught his attention.

“Not drive towards the f**king stairs? Are you f**king retarded?” he snapped back at the viewer.

The clip immediately did the rounds on Reddit and social media, with the more-viewed version of the clip now deleted.

Commenters called out Hasan for hypocrisy, as he had previously criticized another GTA RP streamer, Hobbittrash, for similar remarks. Hasan later apologized and said it was wrong of him to call the streamer out over a heated moment.

But, when viewers began pestering Hasan for an apology on stream, he wasn’t happy about it.

“You actually want an apology? I’m sorry for saying the r word ok? But you don’t want an actual apology, you’re a f**king freak dude. You just want to sit there and be angry, so here, I’ll play into it further ok — I’m not apologizing, so you can be angrier.”

Still, many commenters on the popular subreddit LivestreamFail are calling out Hasan for the supposed hypocrisy of criticizing a smaller streamer for using this same word, only to use it himself a week later.

Others argue, though, that the circumstances were different in both cases, regarding who the word was aimed at and why it was said.

In terms of punishment from Twitch, we wouldn’t expect any action to be taken in this instance. Twitch’s rules around suspensions state that they always take context into consideration. Hasan has been suspended from the platform before, but not since 2019.