Dream responds after Kaceytron calls out his 'stans' for attacking her - Dexerto

Dream responds after Kaceytron calls out his ‘stans’ for attacking her

Published: 24/Mar/2021 0:38 Updated: 24/Mar/2021 1:07

by Bill Cooney


Popular Minecraft personality Dream responded on stream after fellow broadcaster  Kaceytron accused his “stans” of pushing a “false narrative” over some recent drama.

The escalating feud between Twitch streamer Kaceytron and fans of Minecraft creator Dream all began when Kacey made a tweet on Friday, March 19, criticizing people for not holding their favorite content creators to the same standards as they do others.

After the initial tweet, a number of people started to try and shut her down over it, and began digging through old tweets for more incriminating info.

Drama continued well into the weekend, when on March 21, Kaceytron put out a longer statement on Google Docs to try and “clarify” the situation from her point of view.


“The action [tweet] of mine described above resulted in hundreds from the MC community literally digging up things from 7 years ago with no context and trying to weaponize it against me, because I said something that they thought was specifically about Dream & George,” she wrote. “Literally weaponizing cancel culture.”

In the document, she goes over each accusation that “stans” have thrown her way, and why they aren’t accurate, according to her. This wouldn’t be the end of things, though, as Kaceytron would go on to say she had received various threats and even had personal info – including bank information and phone calls – doxed.


Dream broke his silence on the issue during a stream on March 22, where he said he didn’t support hate at all, but also that “Some people take certain things that aren’t hate, as hate.”

“I denounce all hate for anybody, anybody at all, I denounce any and all hate. But I think that some people take certain things that aren’t hate, as hate, it depends on the personality,” Dream said on stream. “I’ve seen people say horrible things, I’ve seen people say threats. It happens with every community since the beginning of time, but it’s horrible to see.”


While Dream obviously said he wasn’t ok with the hate going on, Kaceytron and her supporters thought the message downplayed the threats and other issues the Minecraft YouTube “stans,” including fans of Dream, were causing while trying to cancel her.

This escalating conflict shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon either, as on March 23, the drama led to “kacey” being the top trending topic on Twitter for a few hours.

Kaceytron shows no signs of backing down, based on her recent Tweets, so things could be headed for a war of attrition – but we’ll be keeping you updated with all the latest details as they happen.