xQc slams “chat hoppers” who bounce between Twitch streams to create drama

xQc slams Twitch chat hoppersTwitter: xQc

xQc confessed it’s good to not be in the middle of all the GTA RP drama right now but slammed “chat hoppers” who bounce between streams and harass others to create more drama.

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has been involved in a fair share of GTA RP drama in recent weeks. It all started when he exploited a glitch, which resulted in a second ban. But he apologized and has turned a new leaf since then.

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However, drama on the server is still at an all-time high—feuds between streamers and gangs popping up all over the place. But interestingly, it’s their fans and viewers who are at the center of it all, hopping between streams to harass each other in Twitch chat.

It’s something xQc knows all too well. He talked about it in his latest stream and condemned all “chat hoppers,” regardless of whose side they’re on.

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xQc GTA RP BanTwitter: xQc
xQc has been an upstanding GTA RP player since returning from his second ban.

“It feels kind of decent to not be in the middle of the drama right now,” he said. “It can get annoying when you’re in the middle of it, and you’re the one getting targeted, or you’re the one doing it.” 

First, he took a swipe at emotionally charged fans who feed off the drama without knowing the context of a situation. “They don’t understand what the f**k is going on but bark the loudest. They know nothing at all… [but] they have the strongest opinions.”

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Then, he set his sights on those who take it a step further and hop between streams and shared an important lesson he learned from his own experiences in dealing with them.

“Chat hoppers are complete c*ncer. But when drama is happening, and there’s a lot of chat hopping going on, I’ve realized that if you throw the ball back… you not only reward the hoppers, [but you also] encourage your own people to become hoppers in retaliation. You create a big hopping environment.”

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He wrapped things up by saying all streamers need to be mindful about that, including himself. “It’s a big problem [to be] spending so much energy on the people that don’t care, leaving you with none for the people that do.”

xQc’s fans believe he’s learned a lot from previous dramas’ involvement, and his latest comments support their claims.

The key takeaway, though, is that he’s condemned all “chat hoppers,” including ones from his own massive Twitch community. Only time will tell whether it actually helps discourage the behavior.

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