xQc apologizes for "lose-lose" GTA RP drama after NoPixel ban extended - Dexerto

xQc apologizes for “lose-lose” GTA RP drama after NoPixel ban extended

Published: 12/Mar/2021 5:42 Updated: 12/Mar/2021 4:00

by Andrew Amos


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel sparked another bout of GTA RP controversy when he was banned for glitch abusing. However, the Twitch star made a surprise appearance on NoPixel while still banned, forcing him to apologize all over again.

xQc is currently serving a 14-day ban from the popular NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP server after he abused a glitch that allowed him to pull out his gun while being arrested.

However, less than a week after being pushed off the server, xQc was spotted playing while off-stream.

His character cropped up at Burger Shot, much to the surprise of other roleplayers.

This, however, was a mistake. Hours after the clip went viral, xQc was once again banned from NoPixel. The streamer cleared up his unban was accidental, and that he is still banned for 14 days.


“The unban was a glitch apparently, [I’m] banned until [March 21],” he said in Twitch chat.

“The date went from 21 to 11; I thought someone was looking out for me and helped. it unbanned me, I played, banned again.”

xQc claims it was a “lose-lose situation” for both him and NoPixel. If he was unbanned early, it would have shown that the streamer’s clout would be enough to stay above the law on the server.

“I mean it makes everyone look bad if I’m unbanned again I guess. Admins say take the break; I mean they are right but it would’ve been cool that’s all,” he admitted.


“Now if I go live and they end up unbanning me at some point it will look like I [twisted] their arm or the community did, and if they dont they will somehow look like the bad guys.

The GTA RP community is still divided on if xQc should be allowed to return after his second suspension. While some believe his presence will overall help the server’s popularity, others are concerned he will create more drama and controversy and ruin someone’s reputation.

Barring another mishap, xQc will return to NoPixel 3.0 GTA RP on March 21. All eyes will be on whether or not he gets booted off again, this time potentially for good.