Fedmyster removed from OfflineTV following sexual misconduct allegations

FedmysterInstagram: Fedmyster

Former OfflineTV member Federico ‘Fedmyster’ Gaytan has been removed from the content creation group following allegations of sexual misconduct.

OfflineTV broke the news on the evening of June 27, following allegations made by House Manager Yvonne ‘Yvonnie’ Ng.

“We strive to be a place where everyone can feel comfortable and safe,” they tweeted. “Fed has been removed from Offline TV. He will also no longer be living with us. We wholeheartedly support Yvonne, her statement, and anyone else who has the courage to share their story.”

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In her Twitlonger statement, Yvonnie said that Fed was the first friend she felt like she made in the group, and they would hang out together often in her bedroom since she had a TV.

She then claimed that one night, after coming home drunk, he got into bed with her and proceeded to make advances, before putting his hand underneath her shirt and touched her side next to her chest.

“10 minutes later he ‘woke up’ and said “whoa how’d I get here.” I asked, “do you remember anything?” and he said no and left my room,” she claimed.

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The 24-year-old allegedly did the same thing again a “few weeks later,” and again acted like he couldn’t remember his actions when questioned.

The House Manager then went on to claim that Fedmyster had also acted similarly with fellow member Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki. “When she was going through her hard breakup with Albert, Fed also walked into her room while she was drunk. She was laying down and he asked if she wanted a massage,” she wrote.

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“She said sure, and he started off massaging her leg, and then up her thighs. A week or so later, he was drunk and laid down next to her, and told her he liked her. She then felt uncomfortable with everything, and he asked her to not tell anyone what happened.”

LilyPichu also released her own Twitlonger statement shortly after OfflineTV revealed they’d parted ways with the streamer. She claimed that after she’d been cheated on by Albert ‘Sleightlymusical’ Chang, Fed came into her room asking if she wanted a massage.

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“I agreed. He massaged my legs, from my feet to my upper thighs. He came to my room again, drunk, and laid on my bed. He said he liked me. He started to visit me a lot,” she wrote. “I was confused because I always saw Fed as a good friend, and it hadn’t even been two weeks since Albert cheated on me.”

Update: LilyPichu later deleted her Tweet, but the Twitlonger remains available.

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Fedmyster has since released a statement of his own on Twitter, responding to the allegations in a series of tweets. “Earlier this week, some of my friends sat me down and expressed that I had on several occasions made them feel uncomfortable or uneasy,” he wrote.

“This pained me as it was not and has never been my intention to hurt those closest to me. I fully understand the importance of having their voices heard, and I believe I should take a step back, give them space and listen to their story,” he continued.

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“I’ve made it a point this year to be better, and as I often mention I’m trying to take more responsibility in my life. I owe it to both my friends and everyone who supports me to own up to my actions, and that starts by listening to those I’ve hurt.”

fedmyster twitter statementTwitter: Fedmyster
Fedmyster spoke out on Twitter following the claims.

The streamer joined OfflineTV in 2017 as an editor, but wasn’t officially made part of the content team until 2018.

He currently has 610,000 followers on his main Twitch channel, and 469,000 subscribers on YouTube.

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