Has PewDiePie’s Minecraft series ended? YouTuber goes head-to-head with final boss

Brent Koepp

Fresh off of hitting his 100 million subscriber milestone, Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg celebrated in the most fitting way possible – with more Minecraft, of course. The latest episode sees the Swede take on the Ender Dragon, but is this the end of his series?

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On August 24, PewDiePie became the first individual YouTuber to hit 100 million subscribers, capping off what has been one of the best years of his life. So what could be a more fitting celebration than another Minecraft episode. 

In the August 25 video, the YouTube king finally took on the final fight in the original version of the sandbox game as he squared off with the terrifying Ender Dragon, the largest mob boss in the game. 

YouTube: PewDiePiePewDiePie got emotional after getting to “the end” of his Minecraft series.
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“I’m not ready for this fight!”

Things started out rough for the Swede after he was accidentally pushed into an end portal by his pet pig ‘PeePee PooPoo’ which sent him unexpectedly to ‘The End’ – the third and final dimension in the game.

The YouTuber didn’t have the material to reach the island in the void, but luckily caught a break as he had an ‘Ender Pearl’, which allows you to teleport where the item is thrown. After making it to the island, he was immediately met with sounds of the dragon growling.

“Oh god I’ll just stand in the corner. This is just too scary!” Pewds exclaimed before taking a step out and being met with a loud roar “Ah! I’m sorry. Ahh I’m scared! I’m not ready for this fight!” he cried as the monster flew over him.

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After making an unsuccessful attempt at battling the dragon, the Swede was ready to retreat when he forgot that he had an ‘Ender chest’ on him, which contained health items, his infinite bow, and most importantly, snow for his snowman army. Excited, he returned back to the battle to execute his plan.

Unlike his 96 million pig army which backfired in his fight with the Wither, this time his plan worked, and the snowmen began to attack the dragon. “Oh my god it worked. Get ’em, boys!” the YouTuber yelled excitedly as his army continued to pelt the flying mob boss with snowballs. 

YouTube: PewDiePieThe YouTube king constructed a snowmen army to aid in his fight.
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As the fight raged on, the YouTube king tried to attack the dragon with a bed, and the boss sent him flying in the air, before falling to his death. “No! I didn’t know he could do that. Ahh!” he said with disappointment. 

In a heartbreaking moment, the Swede brought his pig pet with him this time, as he had previously promised they would slay the Ender Dragon together. But while holding him, he fell which sent the animal to his death. 

Returning with a newfound vengeance, PewDiePie finally whittled the dragon’s health down, using enchanted arrows to finally slay the beast from out of the sky. “Wooo! Yeaaah! Yess!” he screamed in excitement. “Oh my god, we did it! We did it! What a battle!”

YouTube: PewDiePiePewds screamed in elation after slaying the epic boss.
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Is this the end?

After collecting his XP, the Swede then jumped into the void, which triggered the ending credits for the game. Genuinely looking emotional, he said “We did it. We did it gamers,” and smiled as the credits rolled. 

Pewds then returned to his base and met his pets Joergen and Sven, and the dog’s husband and child. “We did it. But we lost a lot of friends along the way,” he said somberly. 

Putting on a firework show for his pets, he emotionally addressed his audience, thanking them for watching the end of his Minecraft series. “Thank you everyone for watching this series. It’s been an epic, epic journey. With so many memorable moments. So many amazing times. I’ve loved playing this for you guys. Therefore we are going to end it…”

Suddenly, he shouted: “Sike! You really thought it was over, huh? There is so many more things left in Minecraft!” he said excitedly, vowing to continue the series for his fans.

(Timestamp of 00:10 for mobile viewers.)

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With the YouTube king promising to continue his Minecraft series, fans will have plenty of journeys to go on with PewDiePie for the foreseeable future.

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