Forsen smashes xQc’s Minecraft speedrun time with impressive new record

Josh Taylor
Forsen xQc

Forsen demolished xQc’s Minecraft Ender Dragon speedrunning time on stream to break the record by a landslide, as fans rejoice.

Forsen and xQc’s Minecraft speedrun record has long been competed for over the past few years on stream.

The Twitch stars challenged each other with the task of trying to eliminate the game’s final boss, the Ender Dragon, as quickly as they could.

xQc previously held the record in May, achieving a time of 16 minutes and 38 seconds. Forsen then matched this just a few weeks ago.

Now, Forsen has once again shattered the record by over a minute to claim the bragging rights.

Forsen demolishes xQc’s Minecraft record by over a minute

On October 20, Forsen streamed on Twitch as he retried to defeat the Ender Dragon as fast as he could.

After just over 30 minutes and a handful of failed attempts later, he was able to beat the record in impressive fashion.

He completed the task in 15 minutes and 28 seconds, beating xQc’s record by 1 minute and 10 seconds. “Yeeeaaaahh!!!” Forsen shouted as he raised his hands in celebration.

Since then, the clip has gone viral across socials. Many of his loyal supporters have congratulated him on the accomplishment: “Holy sh*t he finally did it,” one said, as another added: “A historic Twitch moment.”

Later on in the stream, Forsen explained why he doesn’t think xQc will be able to beat him this time. “It’s done, you don’t understand chat. It is too much of a commitment, you have to be willing to kill your stream, he is not,” he announced.

However, xQc proved just a few days ago that he is still taking the challenge seriously after he purchased a “trophy” for the record holder of a diamond Ender Dragon pendant.