Kai Cenat disses “quitter” Jynxzi while showcasing insane Elden Ring setup

Meera Jacka
Kai Cenat's Elden Ring set-up

Kai Cenat is coming for all streamers hopping on the Elden Ring marathon bandwagon, notably calling out Jynxzi for being a “quitter”.

Since Kai Cenat’s week-long Elden Ring stream, the game has seen a resurgence in popularity, with other creators attempting to copy Kai’s monumental success.

Notably, YouTuber Nicholas ‘Jynxzi‘ Stewart set out to beat Kai’s record of finishing the game in 166 hours with 1,701 deaths. However, while Jynxzi told his fans they could expect the marathon to “take a long time”, the YouTuber bowed down after just two days… and he was nowhere near the finish line.

Since this, Kai has not held back from roasting Jynxzi on X (formerly Twitter) and rubbing salt in the wound. His most recent diss came during his Shadow of the Erdtree stream, the creator sending a direct message to Jynxzi while showing off his insane setup.

The DLC isn’t the only challenge Kai is taking on, coming hard for his fellow creators and not holding back from slamming their apparent lack of “dedication”.

“Jynxzi, you didn’t have that heart in you, bro,” Kai said, donned in gold amour as he addressed the YouTuber directly. He then claimed that every time he had joined Jynxzi’s Elden Ring stream, Kai was “made fun of”.

“Every time you defeated a boss, you called my phone and made fun of me in front of thousands of people. In front of thousands of people, Jynxzi!”

Now that Jynxzi had decided to abandon the marathon, however, Kai didn’t hold back from calling the YouTuber out; “So Jynxzi, you are now a f***ing quitter, okay? You’re a f***ing quitter.”

Kai went on to warn that he didn’t want to “see [Jynxzi] return to the realm ever again”, nor did he want Elden Ring to ever be “disrespected” by being dubbed “so easy”.

Kai also left an ominous message for another creator, standing in the center of his set-up while being hailed by a group of five cloaked figures.

“Listen to me, I heard there is a new n**** going around my land, trying to take over my f***ing land,” Kai said. While he didn’t mention anyone by name, it can be assumed he meant YouTube star Ludwig.

Ludwig announced he would be streaming FromSoftware’s ‘Shadow of the Erdtree‘, rivaling Kai’s own marathon. At the time of writing, neither Ludwig nor Jynxzi have responded to Kai’s call out.

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