James Charles, Nadeshot and more react to PewDiePie hitting 100 million subs

PewDiePie - YouTube / YouTube

At long last, Felix ‘PewDiePie‘ Kjellberg reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube, becoming the first individual creator to do so, and many other big names shared their praise for him.

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The race with T-Series may have ended, with the Indian record label beating him to the milestone, but that didn’t stop PewDiePie from marching on towards 100 million subscribers.

He reached the milestone on August 24, shortly after his marriage video was uploaded, and he was almost immediately showered with congratulations as he crossed the mark.

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PewDiePie, Twitter / TubefilterPewDiePie has finally reached 100 million subscribers on YouTube.
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Throughout his time on YouTube, Pewds has made numerous famous friends, and many of his fellow YouTubers chimed in to celebrate the massive achievement.

“I’m honestly so proud that PewDiePie hit 100m subs, he works so hard and is literally one of the kindest YouTubers I’ve ever met,” makeup YouTuber James Charles tweeted.

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Jacksepticeye, who often teams up with PewDiePie in his Minecraft series, and has started one of his own, congratulated him on the milestone.

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“Felix actually hit 100 million subs,” he tweeted. “That’s absolute madness! No one deserves it more. Consistently humble, incredibly hard working and one of the nicest guys I’ve met. Massive congrats!!

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YouTube’s head of gaming, Ryan ‘Fwiz’ Wyatt pointed out an incredible fact while also congratulating him on massive feat.

“In 2019 alone, PewDiePie has gained 20.4 million subscribers – more than double the population of his home country of Sweden,” he tweeted. “Congrats on 100 million subscribers, Felix!”

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100 Thieves owner Matthew ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag, who hasn’t traditionally been linked to PewDiePie, even had something to say.

“Reaching 100,000,000 subscribers is just an unfathomable idea to me,” he tweeted. “Then you want to tell me this guy married the love of his life in the same week? Absolutely incredible.”

There are far too many reactions to include, and there have been many different creators and brands that shared their congratulations.

YouTube was among one of the first to congratulate him, as did G FUEL, who he has a sponsorship with.

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Now all fans will have to do is wait for PewDiePie to cross his next major milestone, whether that’s 200 million subscribers or even further still.

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