Alinity jokes about Twitch controversy by attacking cat in GTA V

Alinity / rockstar

Popular streamer Alinity Divine attempted to make light of her recent Twitch ‘cat abuse’ controversy – by stomping on a cat in GTA V.

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Alinity found herself on the receiving end of significant backlash after clips surfaced of her throwing her cat while streaming on Twitch on July 18, and another clip in which she spat vodka in a cat’s mouth, with many accusing her of animal abuse.

However, the streamer has since apologized sincerely, and after local Animal protection services deemed that there was no malicious intent in her actions, Alinity returned to broadcasting full time – even making light of the situation in one of her recent streams.

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Alinity, InstagramAlinity has received a lot of criticism for her alleged animal abuse controversy.
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Alinity was playing through GTA V’s story mode on August 24 when she encountered an NPC cat in one of the first missions, while playing as Franklin.

The streamer instantly noticed the cat purring in the corner of the alleyway and, knowing her chat would react, simply said “oh god” before pausing and looking at it for a moment.

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Alinity then attempted to stomp the cat in-game after pressing the attack button, but completely missing the animal with the kick, and laughed off her failed attempt.

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Her Twitch chat reacted as expected, calling her a troll for attacking the innocent cat, joking it would earn her a ban.

Alinity has poked fun at the controversy in the past, including when she accidentally hit her cat in the head during one of her Twitch streams and joked that she would be reported to PETA.

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Despite the backlash Alinity faced when the alleged animal abuse first took place, she has managed to avoid a ban from the livestreaming platform.

The streamer appears to have settled back into her regular streaming pattern without many hiccups, but it is likely that she won’t have much room for error with the community’s pressure on Twitch to enforce punishments, and Divine is now under the spotlight more than ever.

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