Harry Jowsey revealed flirty message he sent to Ariana Grande on Insta

Harry Jowsey on the Zach Sang ShowZach Sang Show

Harry Jowsey of ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and ‘Who Wore It Best’ fame was outed on the Zach Sang Show for sending Ariana Grande a playful DM at 7AM.

Harry Jowsey, who recently opened up on the Call Her Daddy podcast about taking his relationships more seriously after his split with Too Hot To Handle’s Georgia Hassarati, may have some explaining to do after his recent DM.

Though Jowsey left Season 1 of Too Hot To Handle in an exclusive relationship with Francesca Farago, he’s been known to have flirtatious fun from time to time, as he can be linked to multiple influencers like Tana Mongeau, and most recently, Dixie D’amelio.

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Though he’s been able to pull some serious names in the influencer world, some fans think Jowsey might be reaching out of his league with his most recently sent DM.

Harry Jowsey sent Ariana Grande an early morning DM.Instagram: harryjowsey
Harry Jowsey sent Ariana Grande an early morning DM.

Jowsey admitted he’s “unsent” plenty of DMs

Jowsey, who has exemplified his striking personality as a host for ‘Who Wore It Best,’ has been able to catapult himself from a reality star into a well-known name across the board, as he’s interviewed A-listers like Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher.

He’s also dated some of the most beautiful influencers and reality stars to date, and it looks like he’s not done there.

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At 7AM a couple of mornings ago, Jowsey reportedly sent singer Ariana Grande a DM, saying, “Hello, little sunflower.” 

Jowsey, who was outed for his playful DM on the Zach Sang Show, laughed off having sent the message, which hasn’t gotten a response yet, saying, “Life’s too short.” Continuing, “That would make me happy to receive a DM like that.” 

Zach Sang, being friends with Grande, laughed about Jowsey shooting his shot and pointed to the fact that she just might see the message after the interview aired. 

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Though Jowsey is fairly confident, he continued to giggle with Sang and admitted that he’s “unsent” plenty of messages in his life, but is unsure if he’ll do the same with his courting of Grande. 

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