H3H3’s Hila and Ethan Klein are expecting a baby

YouTube duo H3H3 Ethan and Hila Klein revealed some pretty exciting news during their H3 Podcast.

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In a recap video of the podcast, Ethan hinted at what the announcement could be, and finally admitted that Hila is pregnant.

The couple stated that the pregnancy occurred naturally after two years of trying.

“The last two months, we didn’t really try,” Hila explained. “We were like fuck this shit, whatever. If it happens, it happens, and we’re just not going to pay attention – and, of course, that’s when it happens. It’s so funny.”

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Ethan admitted that he was ‘terrified’ about the pregnancy, and Hila concurred with his feelings. “I don’t know how to feel about it,” Ethan said. “I’m scared… We’re just so used to not getting pregnant.”

Hila also admitted that she couldn’t believe her first positive test was real, as the couple had been trying for a baby for so long.

“When I did the test, I felt like there was no way,” Hila said.

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Ethan made sure to give his humorous take on the account, relating Hila’s sudden hunger pangs about a week before she broke the news. “I’m like, ‘This pizza is kinda sucky,’ and Hila is like, ‘This is the best pizza I’ve ever had.’”

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While a gender and name for the child have yet to be revealed, H3H3’s audience was appears to be elated at the news thus far.

H3H3’s announcement follows that of Twitch streamer TimTheTatMan, who recently revealed the gender of his and wife Alexis’s baby during a live broadcast.