TimTheTatMan shares his child’s gender reveal on stream

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar shared a touching moment during one of his recent broadcasts.

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While gender reveals can take many forms, Tim and his wife, Alexis, decided to share that of their own child’s to a live audience, in a stream specifically dedicated to the instance.

A group of friends and family gathered in his office to pop color-coded confetti, which they released following a countdown.

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The confetti was light blue, revealing the child to be a boy amidst cheers and shouts, both from those gathered on stream and the audience in the chat.

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“We’re very happy to announce that we’re having a boy,” he spoke into the microphone. “Pogchamp, pogchamp.”

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While Tim was happy at the news, he was likewise shocked that one of the party poppers hit him in the neck, and admitted that he had been ‘convinced’ that the child would be a girl, instead.

“Just to be clear, I was convinced it was gonna be a girl,” he said. “100%.”

This announcement follows a clip of Alexis revealing her pregnancy to Tim during a stream, which went viral online.

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Tim conducted a preemptive straw poll, as well, where audiences revealed that they predicted that his child would be a boy 58% to 42%. 

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While no names will be announced until the baby is born, fans have already come up with their own suggestions, and Tim joked that he would keep the name his own name in the family for a possible streaming business.