YouTuber Adam Saleh turns on FouseyTube calling him a "garbage human being" - Dexerto

YouTuber Adam Saleh turns on FouseyTube calling him a “garbage human being”

Published: 6/Oct/2018 15:31 Updated: 6/Oct/2018 16:17

by Calum Patterson


Popular YouTuber Adam Saleh has launched into a Twitter tirade about his former friend and collaborator FouseyTube, saying he’s had enough “of being stepped on and manipulated.”

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Saleh, who has over 4 million subscribers on YouTube, was seen as part of FouseyTube’s entourage during the ‘July 15’ scandal, which saw Fousey’s impromptu live show end in a bomb threat.

Following July 15, and other controversies, FouseyTube has since “given away” his 10M subbed YouTube channel to subscribers, and deleted his other social media accounts.

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But, Saleh has some unfinished business with the controversial YouTuber, and has taken to Twitter to ‘expose’ Fousey, as well as uploading a video entitled ‘The REAL Truth about FouseyTube’.


He says he wishes he never associated himself with Fousey, and that he had “fucked him over” on more than 10 occasions.

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In ‘Part 0’ of his series, Adam claims that Fousey actually put his life at risk, and that he will make three more episodes.

He says the first episode in the series will be about “all the stuff [Fousey] did to me”, part two will be about “everything Fousey did to his boys”, who he says are scared of speaking out against Fousey.

Finally, Adam Saleh will expose FouseyTube’s claims that he met rapper Drake amongst other things, which Saleh knows the truth of because he was with Fousey “throughout everything”.


You can watch Part 0 from Adam Saleh’s channel below.