GTA RP streamer PENTA slams xQc and his “attack dog” community on Twitch

Alex Garton
Penta on xQc and his community

Well-known GTA RP personality PENTA has criticized Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel as a problematic streamer and described his community as “attack dogs”.

In GTA RP, no one pulled in more viewers than huge Twitch personality xQc and his character, Jean Paul. With upwards of 60,000 (and often more) people tuning in for every play session, xQc certainly brought a lot of attention to the NoPixel community.

Unfortunately, despite his popularity, xQc managed to get into some form of drama on the server every single week. Finally, on May 22, 2021, xQc was permanently banned from the NoPixel server following his decision to kill PENTA, a fellow GTA RP streamer.

Now, PENTA has openly come out against xQc, voicing why he thinks the streamer will cause problems no matter what game he plays.

xQc GTA RP drama
xQc was banned from the NoPixel server on May 22.

PENTA voices issues with xQc’s community

During his stream on May 24, Twitch personality roflgator asked PENTA for his honest take on xQc and the situation that had unfolded.

In response, PENTA outlined that his issue with xQc is not just related to GTA RP, it’s with him as a streamer in general.

According to him, no matter what game xQc decides to play, his community will continue to be hostile to other streamers.

“I think he’s actually an issue as a streamer, I think that every single category he goes to he molds and accuses people of rule breaks and his community turns into attack dogs.”

The conversation didn’t end there, with PENTA voicing that these issues are a consequence of xQc’s young and impressionable audience.

Roflgator concluded the discussion by asking PENTA how xQc can stop his viewers from being hostile and attacking other creators. PENTA simply replied that he needs to be aware of the consequences of his words and not immediately accuse people of rulebreaking.

“This is just another big streamer with a young and impressionable audience… I guess you could start with not accusing people of breaking the rules instantly.”

While it’s obvious PENTA still has a problem with xQc, it’s unlikely the pair will interacting anytime soon following xQc’s permanent ban from NoPixel.

Whether that suspension will be undone, as it has been before, remains to be seen.

For now, we’ll have to see if xQc addresses to PENTA’s criticism or just opts to ignore the drama and continue streaming other games.