GTA RP streamer PENTA explains why it’s pointless to report xQc on NoPixel server

Connor Bennett
GTA RP character Wrangler and xQc

Popular GTA RP streamer Penta explained that people, including himself, won’t report Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel to the NoPixel devs because of his fans, even though he breaks the rules.

Plenty of big Twitch variety streamers have gotten involved with GTA RP, but there’s been no bigger than xQc. The Luminosity Gaming content creator has hit close to 200,000 viewers at some points when he’s robbing banks and committing crime.

While his hijinx are entertaining to some, he has landed himself in hot water with his fellow roleplayers, and has been banned from NoPixel on four different occasions.

Since his last ban, he’s stayed out of trouble somewhat but has continued to get into drama with other players. While some viewers have called for a fifth ban, some roleplayers don’t want to report xQc.

xQc's GTA RP character Jean Paul
xQc’s character, commonly referred to as just ‘X’, is always in trouble.

That includes Penta, a popular GTA RP streamer who plays entertaining characters like Mike Block, Randy Wrangler, and Jane Obama.

After the former Overwatch star shot him down randomly on May 22, which is breaking the rules in NoPixel, the streamer said that reporting xQc is just not worth the hassle because of his fans.

“Why would I report it? So I get 150,000 people pissed off at me, only for him to get unbanned in a week? Yeah, dude, that sounds like a really f**king good idea,” Penta said. “F**k that! Only to get people would actually want to murder me in real life, just so the admins unban him in a week, wow, good idea. That sounds like a great f**king idea.”

Penta reiterated his point that it “doesn’t make sense” to report xQc’s mishaps, just because it paints a target on the back of the streamer who does so.

As shown before, streamers have actually gotten in trouble for threatening xQc’s fans after his mishaps. It’ll likely be on the NoPixel devs to act, instead of putting streamers in the firing line.

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