GTA RP streamer harassed by xQc fans gets banned from NoPixel server

KylieBitkin GTA RPTwitch: KylieBitkin

Twitch streamer KylieBitkin, who was sent vile abuse after an interaction with xQc in GTA RP, has been banned from the NoPixel server for three days.

The situation kicked off during a bank heist, where xQc and Brittany Angel (KylieBitkin’s character) had a confrontation.

While carrying out the robbery, Angel gunned down xQc, which unsurprisingly, wasn’t well-received by his viewers.

The streamer was targeted instantly, with viewers “hopping” over to their chat, and sending extremely violent messages. This was all despite xQc’s instructions to his viewers not to chat hop, saying he didn’t care about the incident.

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KylieBitkin banned

On Twitter on April 14, KylieBitkin confirmed that she had been handed a three-day ban from the moderation team of NoPixel. Presumably, this was due to the incident with xQc.

The exact cause of the ban was not disclosed, but the streamer plans to speak to the mod team to get more information.

In one alarming clip from the stream, KylieBitkin responds to a message sent in chat from the “chat hoppers”, even bizarrely suggesting she would be “crucified.”

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But, the attacks extended beyond the Twitch channel. It didn’t take long for some xQc fans (and it should be noted that out of the tens of thousands of viewers, this will be a small minority), to find KylieBitkin’s other social channels.

On YouTube, the most recent upload was bombarded with dislikes, and countless comments mocking Bitkin, including transphobic messages. One comment reads: “Your [you’re] not an actual female stop RPing as a female when you’re obviously a male” and “this is exactly why I hate trans people.”

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And on Twitter too, KylieBitkin’s tweets, which were unrelated to the stream with xQc, were bombarded with hateful replies.

Many of the replies have now been removed due to violating Twitter rules.

KylieBitkin tweetTwitter
Many replies to KylieBitkin’s tweet continued the hate, while others were supportive.

This incident shows yet again how bizarrely serious some RP viewers take the whole thing. Despite having no attachment to the game or server themselves, they are willing to send truly heinous messages to a player, simply because they shot “their streamer” in a game.

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The NoPixel server has a no-tolerance approach to chat hopping, and has banned xQc in the past after he appeared to encourage it. In this case, he strongly advised his viewers against it, but controlling the crowd is clearly becoming impossible.