xQc fans fear fifth NoPixel ban after latest outburst with GTA RP cops

xQc / Rockstar Games

Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for his hilarious GTA RP outbursts, but his latest run-in with the cops could land him with another ban. 

GTA RP continues to be popular amongst both top streamers and casual fans alike, giving players the ability to create their own narratives. One of the most popular activities in GTA RP is that of evading local law enforcement – an area xQc is all too familiar with. The Canadian Twitch streamer is known for his comical outbursts and never-ending online drama. 

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When he’s not busy pulling off “historic” GTA RP triple bank heists or fighting against the Chang Gang, he’s usually getting into trouble with the cops. While the cops of NoPixel GTA RP are used to criminal activity, they have been known to take extra care when dealing with xQc. However, the popular streamer’s latest outburst could land him with yet another ban. 

Robberies and murder are commonplace in the NoPixel server and the interactions between streamers and the police often lead to some hilarious clips. However, xQc’s latest run-in with the cops has soured the situation. After being detained by the police, xQc began to lash out at the officer in his prison cell, repeatedly punching him despite being told to calm down. 

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“What is up bro, what is going on? Just relax, said one officer. After already killing one cop, xQc turned his attention to the other players outside his cell. It was at this point that one officer intervened and shot him with a taser gun. 

“Why do you always take it this far? Just relax,” replied the cop as he entered xQc’s cell. However, the streamer appeared agitated and lashed out at his captors. “Shut up, shut up. You know what you did, man.” After the stun of the taser gun wore off, xQc proceeded to push the officer and began hitting him. 

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Despite their best attempts at getting xQc to remain calm, the officers eventually had to take more serious measures. After being repeatedly hit by xQc, one officer had obviously grown tired and more force was used. “All right, just shoot this motherf****r man.”

After being placed back in prison, it seemed xQc was not finished with the local law enforcement. He repeatedly punched the jail cell’s bars and taunted the officer to use his gun. “calm yourself, before I use this, said one officer. Please don’t tempt me.” However, xQc continued to act out and the officer opened fire on him.  

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Whether xQc’s latest outburst with the NoPixel server cops will lead to another ban remains to be seen, but it certainly looks like viewers are pretty adamant that it will lead to one. “He will 100% get banned or get some sort of punishment from the admins,” says TriHard_21. There is no way the np admin team will let him do this.” 

This recent drama won’t help fix the streamer’s bad reputation among the server’s local law enforcement, so we’ll have to see what the NoPixel admins make of this in the days to come. 

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