Penta sends a warning to people still streaming and playing on NoPixel

Filip Krawanski
Penta during his May 1 stream

Streamer Penta issued a warning for players involved with the NoPixel roleplay server in the wake of the lawsuit against the server’s owner Koil. 

NoPixel remains the most popular GTA roleplay server out there. But sometimes being the biggest of your kind brings the problem of being in the spotlight constantly.

The number of female streamers and players speaking out about mistreatment from others in the NoPixel and other RP communities is increasing. Streamer BananaHead_OG shared her thoughts about these issues in one of her latest Tweets.

The bigger issue NoPixel is currently facing however is the fact that the NoPixel owner Koil has been sued by former dev Daniel ‘DW’ Tracey over wrongful termination. 

One of the more popular GTA RP streamers, Penta, has moved over to IgniteRP. Penta is also warning people involved in the NoPixel community to “get out.”

Penta warns people involved in NoPixel to “get out”

During his May 1 stream, Penta warned players and people “involved” in NoPixel to “get out” and seek alternatives for roleplaying. 

“The drama hasn’t even started yet. If you play on NoPixel and if you are involved in NoPixel you need to get the f**k out, please, get the f**k out,” pleaded Penta while looking directly at his camera. “That is just me. I care about the community.” 

When questioned if Penta is withholding information by a chatter, Penta replied that “it’s gonna come out eventually” and that it’s not his place to publicize that information.

But when another user asked “Is it illegal s**t,” Penta stated, “Yes, yes dude, it’s bad, it’s not good, seriously just get the f- out.”

Around an hour later Penta found out that Koil has been sued by DW and he responded by laughing before reinforcing his previous statement saying: “I told you I was not playing, get the f**k out, get out of NoPixel, I was not lying!”

Members of the RPClipsGTA Reddit have been speculating what Penta meant about the “illegal” activities and by stating that the “drama hasn’t even started,” as it seems the streamer received some reports from NoPixel players. It ultimately remains to be seen how the events of the lawsuit unfold.

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