Griffin Johnson trolls FaZe Jarvis after leaking Addison Rae’s number

Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson next to FaZe JarvisInstagram: GriffinJohnson / YouTube: FaZe Jarvis

FaZe Clan’s Jarvis ‘Jarvis’ Khattri has come under fire for accidentally leaking Addison Rae’s phone number, leading to backlash from some of the biggest TikTok stars like Griffin Johnson and Bryce Hall.

Jarvis is never one to stay out of the spotlight for all too long. Whether it’s good deeds for the community or getting banned on multiple social media platforms, he’s always striving to be the center of attention.

His YouTube channel follows that same mentality, with many of his videos pushing boundaries for the sake of content. The latest idea was to message 100 fellow YouTube celebs and ask for a simple dare.

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Barely a few minutes into the video, however, and Jarvis had already run into some issues without realizing. The fifth person on his list was Addison Rae. Given that he’d already been in contact prior to the video, some personal information showed up, revealing her phone number in the original edit.

Naturally, it didn’t take long before TikTok personalities fired back at him. The leak went completely unnoticed while recording, but Rae’s partner Bryce Hall made sure Jarvis couldn’t live it down.

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“You’re an idiot,” he bluntly tweeted on December 7. Just moments later, fellow TikToker Griffin Johnson has followed up with a more thoughtful response. There were no words in his reply, just a meme that clearly had some effort put into it.

While Pokemon cards are a huge trend again, Johnson decided to put Jarvis on one of his own. A ‘fake’ card for that matter. The meme has Jarvis at his most viral moment, crying in response to his permanent Fortnite ban.

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It also includes some key stats like 200 in the “aimbot” category for aiming “every freaking shot.” Another power is simply the “banned cry” which would have this theoretical Pokemon crying “for like an hour.”

Clearly, the two were frustrated by Rae’s personal information being leaked online. Though Jarvis wouldn’t let them have the final word. He replied to Hall’s tweet before quickly deleting it seconds later. “So we’re both cheaters then,” the since-removed post said.

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This could be the end of the beef, but there’s always a chance the internet personalities continue butting heads over this issue. Rae is yet to make a comment on the leaks, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted if that changes.