Is Sway House shutting down? Bryce Hall & more remove name from bio

Fans worry Sway House could be endingInstagram: @swayla

TikTok fans are expressing fears that popular content collective Sway House could be shutting down, after members Bryce Hall, Blake Gray and others removed its name from their social media biographies.

Sway House is one of TikTok’s most popular content groups, rivaling the likes of the once-great Hype House, Club House, Team 10 and others.

However, it seems that, much like the Hype House before it, Sway House could be coming to an end soon, after some of its key members removed the group’s name from their bios.

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Bryce Hall, Blake Gray, Josh Richards, Noah Beck and even Quinton Greggs all removed Sway House from their Instagram profiles — but that’s not the only clue that’s making fans worried.

Bryce Hall removes SwayHouse from instagram bioInstagram: BryceHall
Bryce Hall, among other top Sway House creators, have removed the content group’s name from their Instagram biographies.

A cryptic tweet from Blake Gray appears to hint that the collective could be closing its doors, with the star writing: “All good things must come to an end at some point.”

Even Sway House’s manager, Michael Gruen, has removed Sway House from his profile, and has apparently dialed down his list of clients to Josh Richards, Bryce Hall and Griffin Johnson, excluding the other members of the group.

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Despite these fears, perhaps not all is lost, as Gray also Tweeted out #sway4lyfe until the end” — although some fans likewise speculate that this could be a fond goodbye to the Sway Boys’ collaborative project.

It seems that viewers are largely divided as to what these changes could mean; some are cynical regarding the relatively short lifespan of content houses, while others are dismayed that one of their favorite Houses may be ending for good.

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“I feel like he just decided to tweet a random quote and everyone just assumed the worst,” one user commented via TikTokRoom.

“The whole house is falling apart,” another said.

Josh Richards has since come out with a humorous “explanation” for the drama, appearing to joke about all the speculation in a video where he pointed out an Instagram photo he’d taken with the caption, “Noah’s hickey is the cause of the Sway Drama.”

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Still others theorize that a potential breakup between Amelie Zilber and Blake Gray could be to blame, with Amelie having published a cryptic tweet of her own that reads: “Holding onto something that you know doesn’t want to stay is a different kind of pain.”

Thus far, this is all merely speculation from fans, and no purported shutdown of Sway House has yet been announced. All viewers can do is watch and wait as one of TikTok’s biggest groups appears to make massive changes behind the scenes.

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UPDATE: Bryce Hall has since dispelled the rumors on twitter, claiming that none of the members of Sway are leaving the group.

Looks like Sway House fans can rest easy now!