FaZe Jarvis & LA Mission donate over $5000 in gifts to family in need

faze jarvisFaZe Jarvis

The holidays came early for a lucky family who was brought over $5,000 in gifts by FaZe Clan’s Jarvis, with the help from Los Angeles Mission, to bring festive joy to those in need.

The collaboration aimed to spread the holiday cheer to those less fortunate in these trying times. As a prominent representative of the FaZe brand, Jarvis linked up with the organization to pull off giveaway and stock up one family for the season.

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Jarvis rallied his army of nearly 500,000 Twitter followers to join the initiative with the LA Mission and try to give back to the larger community.

“Very blessed to team up with The LA Mission to help families in need this year,” Jarvis wrote on Twitter. “Thousands are in need and it’s super important to give back in times like these. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help make a difference.”

faze clan jarvisFaZe Clan
Jarvis delivered thousands of dollars worth of gifts to those in need.

The initiative hooked up a family with everything from a TV, headphones, and more to stuff underneath the Christmas tree, or tear into right there and then.

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For people like Jarvis, 19, these initiatives are a routine since he and his older brother, FaZe Kay, have been giving back to those around them for a long time.

“Rather than having a typical advent calendar filled with sweets growing up, Jarvis and Kay had a calendar where one day was a gift to them… and the other was a day of giving back to people in need in their community,” FaZe said in a statement of the initiative.

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Having over four million subscribers on YouTube, Jarvis has a ton of reach to spread positivity with his fans. With his viewers giving him so much, he sat down for a livestream with one young fan to spread the holiday cheer as we wind down to Christmas.

faze clan la mission jarvisFaZe Clan
Jarvis met up with a fan online for his LA Mission initiative.

The LA Mission is an organization that looks to help men, women, and children in need through personal assistance and spiritual counseling which has impacted many lives.

Jarvis and the LA Mission have championed an initiative to see more people taken care during the holidays and will hope to keep the good vibes through the season.

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