G2 Esports CEO Carlos takes shot at FaZe Clan over “scams” controversy

. 10 months ago
Twitter, @CarlosR / FaZe

After a tweet from FaZe Clan stating people could join the organization for 24 hours went viral, the founder of G2 Esports, Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez, decided to have a little bit of a laugh at the org’s expense. 

Social media managers all over the world are probably laughing at the thought of FaZe’s Twitter notifications right now. On August 19, just three days before their Call of Duty League team was set to compete in the championship series, the org released a tweet with a promise they won’t forget: “If @ATLFaZe wins Champs we’ll let everyone who liked this tweet join FaZe.”

Just three days later, thousands of Twitter members’ dreams were about to come true as Simp, Cellium, aBeZy, and Arcitys dominated the stage and took the championship trophy back to Atlanta.

After announcing how to join the org for 24 hours, social media was taken over by tens of thousands of accounts sporting the signature “FaZe” in front of their name. And that excitement was balanced by some… less loving responses.

@CarlosR / Twitter

G2Esports Carlos responds to FaZe’s open invite

With the invite being open to anybody, G2’s founder and CEO used it as a chance to poke fun at some of FaZe’s recent controversies, including the fallout surrounding the SaveTheKids crypto coin.

In typical Ocelote fashion, he pulled no punches, tweeting: “Signed. Let me know in the comments what should be my first scam.”

This isn’t Ocelote’s first time taking a shot at the organization, either. In early 2021, the founder roasted co-owner NICKMERCS on his Fortnite playstyle. He went on to have a few interactions with the leader of the MFAM before ultimately tweeting that he had talked to him and they were all good.


Even considering his past beef with FaZe Clan, it’s not entirely obvious whether or not the G2 Esports founder is trying to be malicious or just having fun.

He has become incredibly renown for his spicy tweets on the esports landscape, but who knows it FaZe will take the bait and respond.

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