Twitch streamer Erobb speechless after rookie mistakes during VR stream

. 10 months ago

Popular Twitch streamer Eric ‘erobb221’ Robbins made a mistake that only a Twitch rookie could make, that being forgetting to show your gameplay while playing in VR, and believing Twitch chat.

Over the last decade, virtual reality technology has drastically changed the way you can enjoy gaming, and it can be even better when watching someone play in virtual reality, especially when they’re playing horror games.

With over 300,000 followers on Twitch, erobb221 is one of the latest streamers to dabble into VR streaming, averaging 3000 viewers while playing the horror game Layers of Fear.

That was when erobb made two rookie Twitch mistakes in one stream, firstly forgetting to switch scenes, but then letting his chat deceive him, leaving him speechless.

Twitch erobb221
erobb was playing the popular horror game Layers of Fear.

On August 26, erobb continued his Layers of Fear walk-through in VR, but at one point he got distracted by his girlfriend and his daughter, making him switch scene to full webcam. After a quick few minutes break, he went straight back into the game, completely forgetting he switched his stream to full webcam.

For about 12 minutes, erobb was playing with viewers unable to see anything but him standing in his room, making for a hilarious situation. After a short while, the streamer realized his viewers couldn’t see anything, but he wasn’t aware of how long they couldn’t, and you wouldn’t expect anything less from the community as they decided to troll him.

The clip of the first mistake hit the top of LivestreamFails pretty quickly, where erobb reacted to it, but the title of the clip was deceiving, as it said he streamed for an hour without the game on screen.

Despite the game only not showing for 12 minutes, erobb instantly believed it, making his second rookie mistake of believing his chat who went along with the joke, leaving him lost for words. “So the first hour I was playing you couldn’t even see? No way… why did nobody say anything?”

A simple rule to follow is to never trust Twitch chat, but it seems like erobb completely threw that one out the window.

Making two rookie Twitch mistakes in the same stream is embarrassing, especially for a streamer who has over 300,000 followers, but he’ll sure think twice before believing his chat again.

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