Fouseytube sparks concern after admitting he “feels like a failure”

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat is sparking concern across social media after posting a few emotional captions to Instagram on January 23.

Fouseytube notably returned to YouTube in late 2019, following the aftermath of his disastrous July 15 event that ended in a purported bomb threat.

While he later threw himself into the sport of boxing, his loss against fellow content creator Slim hit him hard in more ways than one, with Erakat admitting he felt he “had no purpose” and was “alone” due to his family’s move.

YouTuber Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat made a huge comeback to social media, which included his start in the sport of boxing.

After debuting his rhinoplasty in mid-January, it seemed like the YouTuber was fully recovered from his post-match blues; but this may not be the case, as his forthcoming social media posts are once again causing fans concern over his mental health.

In an Instagram caption uploaded on January 24, Erakat once again showcased his recovering nose, admitting to struggling with unhappiness and claiming that his feelings stem from a lack of productivity in wake of his operation.

Fouseytube’s concerning social media posts follow his post-boxing match rhinoplasty.

“I feel like a failure,” the YouTuber wrote. “A loser. And I am so, so, so hard on myself. I’m not really doing anything with my life, and the feeling of not doing anything productive kills.”

That’s not all: the internet star even admitted that he hopes to branch out into acting, a desire similar to that of Logan Paul, who also revealed plans to break into other careers down the line.

“I know what I want to do,” he continued. “I want to act. My mind is trying to talk me out of posting this as I type it, but it’s my truth right now, as bad as the energy is. I want to work. I want to be busy. But my life is not that at the moment.”

Fousey also uploaded two separate photos to his Instagram story, where he claimed he wanted someone to “hang out with” and that he’d been “crying all day.”

While this isn’t the first time Fousey has expressed such feelings, his audience continues to send him support and advice, and the creator later stated that his emotional posts could be the result of post-surgical depression.