Logan Paul faces backlash after claiming being a YouTuber is “wack”

Logan Paul Vlogs, YouTube

YouTuber Logan Paul is no stranger to controversy – but his latest statement could see him walking away from the platform for good.

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Paul uploaded a lengthy text post to his Instagram story on March 23, where he claimed to be disenchanted with his YouTube career and wants to do “more.”

“YouTube is dope,” Paul began. “…but I have a deep desire to do MORE. …I’m just stuck in a loop where my stupid millennial brain is so satisfied with the instant gratification that social media provides.”

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Logan Paul, InstagramPaul posted his message on Instagram.

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In an Instagram story, Paul claimed to be disenchanted with his YouTube career, and even teased a year-long break to focus on bigger prospects in the entertainment industry.

That’s not all; Paul even went on to claim that being a YouTuber is “wack,” and entertained the idea of taking a few years to break from the platform in an effort to become a “super entertainer.”

Paul’s statement has since been met with ample backlash, with even the likes of Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem uploading a solemn message to the YouTuber via Twitter on March 24.

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“Dude, what is wrong with you, bro?” KEEMSTAR asked. “This mainstream Hollywood stuff… It’s thousands of people getting together to create a piece of work. ….YouTube is democratic. The people are picking the winners and losers.”

Other users claimed that Paul’s post was incited by the supposed decline of his channel; however, according to metrics provided by statistics site Social Blade, Paul has been steadily gaining subscribers, earning over 41,000 subs in the past 30 days as of March 24.

Social BladeLogan Paul’s metrics show a steady growth for his YouTube channel, despite past controversies.
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“Every YouTuber whose channel is going downhill says, ‘I’m aShAmEd tO bE a yOuTuBeR,’ nothing new!” one commenter wrote of the issue.

“Why do think all we see same actors over and over again in the movies?” another said. ”…these YouTubers or Ninja trying get into hollywood are delusional think [to] they got [a] shot.”

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This isn’t the first time Paul has considered leaving YouTube’s platform, either; the social media star claimed that he sees himself as “so much more than the ‘controversial YouTuber’” in an interview with Access in December 2018.

Paul has already been a part of several film productions, to boot, having roles in the remake of ‘Valley Girl’ and his very own comedy film, ‘Airplane Mode.’

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