Fouseytube reveals nose job results after boxing match with Slim

Yousef Erakat, Instagram

YouTuber Yousef “Fouseytube” Erakat has finally revealed the results of his nose job, which he underwent due to the bloody aftermath of his charity boxing match against fellow YouTuber “Slim.”

Coming off of a tumultuous 2019, Fouseytube returned to the YouTube game better than ever, taking his fitness into consideration by jumping into the sport of boxing.

To kick off his comeback, the YouTube star orchestrated a charity boxing match against his rival “Slim,” which featured an undercard full of other content creators, much like the original KSI vs Logan Paul fight in August 2018.

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However, things didn’t go so smoothly for Fousey in his first-ever fight, with Slim ultimately breaking Erakat’s nose and taking the victory  in a bout that many considered to be one-sided by TKO.

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While Fouseytube accepted his loss with grace and even congratulated the winner, his nose had taken a major beating, as shown by his Instagram post after the match went viral online.

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After announcing plans to fix his nose via rhinoplasty, the YouTuber has finally undergone the surgery, revealing the results to social media on January 15.

“Pictures taken while on the operating table,” he captioned the photos. “Obviously extremely swollen, but I think you get the idea!”

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The pics show that surgeons removed a considerably large bump on the bridge of Fousey’s nose, resulting in a smooth, uninterrupted bone in the recovery photo.

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Despite the operation’s success, the YouTuber hasn’t been given clearance by his doctor to stream or talk at length until Sunday, giving him a mandatory five-day rest period to fully recover from the surgery.

Although Fousey appeared to take his boxing loss in stride, Fousey later revealed that he felt he had “no purpose” in wake of the event, admitting that depression “hit him hard,” as his family had also moved away.

An Instagram story from Fouseytube.Yousef Erakat, Instagram
Fouseytube released a lengthy message via Instagram stories after his boxing loss to Slim that revealed his struggle with depression.

Now, it seems that he is back on his feet — and is even boasting a whole new look, having finally recouped from his loss against Slim and a personal struggle with mental health.

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